Mystic Isle Rhodesian Ridgebacks

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Marking Our Territory

Copper - CH Mystic Isle's Copper Venus, SC, CGC

CH Rare Earth's Cat Scanner x County Line's Mustang Sally 12/27/1994 - 8/27/2007 Breeder: John Arvin

Copper was an extraordinary "Counter surfer"! Her mission in life was to ensure that NOTHING edible remained on any surface with which she came in contact! And if it wasn't edible, it shouldn't be there in the first place, so it ended up on the floor. Besdies her accomplishments in the show ring, Copper once opened a Mason Jar without causing any damage to it!

Amadeus - CH Mystic Isle's Amadeus, CGC

CH MYSTIC ISLE'S AMADEUS, CGC 8/12/1993 - 9/16/2006 Breeder: John Arvin

Amadeus was just a stunning example of a Ridgeback with his beautiful Light Wheaten coat. I had to place him when he was about three due to life circumstances but he was returned to me at nine years old, and I don't know who was the happiest. He lived to be 13 and Ridi - Shadyridge Waridi II, whom I bought when Amadeus was 11, just adored him. So did I.


Gryphon - CH Mystic Isle's Gryphon

CH Rare Earth's Cat Scanner x County Line's Mustang Sally 12/27/1994 - June 2005 Breeder: John Arvin

Gryphon was Copper's littermate. Had it not been for a thyroid problem he would likely have become my first nationally ranked conformation dog. He had a great owner, Steve Gove, who used to take Gryph to work every day and used to travel to dog shows with me.

Natasia - Mystic Isle's Natasia

CH Bryaba's Blue Ribbon Reggie x County Line's Mustang Sally 9/23/1998 - 2011 Breeder: John Arvin

Natasia was the first liver-nose Ridgeback I showed. I didn't take me long to figure out that Livers have a differnet personality than black nosed RRs! She was an exceptional bitch, winning a Best of Breed from the classes (my first) but the following week she decided she didn't like dog shows and forevermore refused to participate LOL. I finally gave up trying to finish her championship. She lived in a home with a number of children and was greatly loved. She was owned by Scott and Kristy Dougherty.